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Lions training camp: Jim Caldwell's quotes from Wednesday

A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Wednesday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Wednesday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening statement: "After last night's practice, which was a pretty long practice that we got a lot of good work in, coming out the next day, we planned to really work a few more situations and got a lot of seven-on-seven work, some down in the low red zone and that kind of thing. We did a lot of work in those areas and I think we were able to get something done. I think that every day this team is getting just a little bit better. You're always not going to be pleased with everything that happens in practice, but overall they work hard, they concentrate, they're contentious. We may drop a ball here or maybe jump offsides, but we're trying to minimize those things. I think every single day, we measure them and we keep track of those things that we are seeing improvement in."

On DE Ezekiel Ansah and his progress: "Ziggy right now is certainly not full-go. He's been cleared, he's off of PUP, but his progression is going to be gradual. It's not like you come off PUP and go right to work, getting banged around out here. This game is a bit too strenuous for that. We're going to bring him along and make certain he gets enough work and as soon as the doctors say that he's ready to go full speed, all out, we'll turn him loose."

On WR Jeremy Ross and the importance of the special teams unit: "Jeremy Ross is certainly a key. Anytime you have someone that can change the field position on his return is going to help you. Obviously, you know what he can do. He was able to do it last year. Certainly starting out so far this year, he's doing extremely well. He's got natural vision. He has a really good feel for the return game and he's got some guys out in front of him that do a good job blocking as well. The kicking game is extremely important to us. That's why we spend a lot of time on it. We don't just give it lip service and I think it's going to bear fruit for us."

On if Ross' size is an extra asset as a return man: "I think so. It's a high-impact return that he's working on back there often. There are a lot of big hits that go on and the bigger you are, the more you can withstand. He's more body type like a running back, which gives him an opportunity to maybe withstand a little bit more pressure. He's got some girth to him and he's got speed."

On TE Joseph Fauria: "He's been having a real fine camp. One of the things that he and I had a little discussion about back during the offseason was that he was challenged by the fact that he thought that everybody kind of pigeonholed him as an individual that was just good in the red zone, that he's deficient in on-line blocking and things of that nature. He set out to prove all the skeptics wrong in that regard because he's been blocking well. He's working at it. He's a linear guy, he's pretty tall, but he can bend his knees. Obviously, we know what he can do in terms of pass catching. That height is something that you can't teach and he's got good hands. He really does provide a natural threat to the opposition."

On the today's kicking from K Giorgio Tavecchio and K Nate Freese: "You know they worked at it. We're trying to create different situations where we have a lot of competition, so we're just trying to come up with different ways to do that. Today was one, and we'll do something else probably tomorrow and maybe something the next day. So we'll just keep it going until we have to make a decision."

On creating noise during the kicking situations: "Just trying to add a little competition, a little pressure, something a little different. Out of the ordinary, that we went a little over board, you know, just trying to make sure that he can focus. I think they did a decent job. At the end those are some long, long field goals. One of them was close to 60 yards, but nevertheless the guys did a nice job with it. So we'll just keep working at it. Two good men that are working extremely hard."

On how the players enjoyed creating pressure during the kicking situations: "Well, you know, I didn't realize they were going to enjoy it so much to be honest with you. But we really thought that it would be something they could get into and help us create some distraction. The more the merrier. They enjoyed doing it because of the fact that they know that we're trying to find the best guy for that spot because in the ballgame there's going to be some tough situations. The placekickers in this league win a lot of football games for you because every single game is tight. Even last week you can see how important that extra point was and obviously that will go on throughout the year."

On former Lions K Jason Hanson being out at practice today: "That's not the first time that he's been out. He's been out several times during the spring and he comes and gives us some assistance. It has been something he and Coach Bono (John Bonamego) have been doing for a while."

On if the kicking situation was a team bonding drill: "I'm not certain that I thought of it that way as team bonding, but it could be. We all have the same goal in mind and I think they enjoyed getting into it because they understand what we're trying to get accomplished, number one. And they know that the result of that, whoever comes out of the competition and does extremely well is going to help us win."

On WR Ryan Broyles: "First of all, the thing that impresses you the most is he's a quiet guy, but very focused. He catches on quickly, he's got a real fine understanding of the game. He's got real good spatial awareness. He does a great job in terms of finding soft spots in zones and he's nifty enough to run away from you in man-to-man situations. He's got explosion, he has an unusual catching radius, so all of those things I think bode well for him. He's come through his injuries and is playing fine right now. There's no piece of wood out here, but knock on wood he'll keep that going."

On how much more he has to see from Broyles in the preseason: "There's work to be done.  There's not a guy on our team that is in a situation where he could not use any work during the preseason, so all of them at some point in time will get a taste of it."

On Ansah's importance to the defense: "I think because of the fact he missed the spring and then coming back in the fall, it'll be sort of a learning experience for him going along. (He's) learning at the wrong time, when we're trying to do some things that are very, very difficult. So, everybody's got to make certain that they're operating without thinking and so I think it's important that he gets an opportunity.  I think he will. He's out there doing everything but the heavy contact stuff right now, so it won't be long. He's progressing, (and he's a) big, strong man. He's going to help us.  He's either going to collapse the pocket with his size and strength or he'll run around the offensive player and use his length to be an obstruction to the passer, and he'll get some sacks for us, as well.  He's a force."

On what G Rob Sims means to the offensive line: "We're fortunate to have a guy like Rob Sims around.  He's been through a lot of battles, has a real good understanding of what he sees out on the football field and that experience is really invaluable. To give you a quick example, it was Dom (Raiola) that it happened to, but nevertheless, Cleveland gave us a different front on several different occasions early on.  You don't do a lot of preparation, in terms of the opposition your first game in preseason.  Those guys with their experience were able to kind of sort things out for the younger guys up front and say, ‘Hey, listen, this is the call we're going to make,' and they handled it right there on the field in a nanosecond.  It would ordinarily take a young guy a lot more time to get a couple breakdowns before we got it solved, so having that kind of guy like Rob Sims out there can who add that maturity, knowledge and experience is absolutely invaluable. "