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NFL expands practice squad to 10 players

Instead of only having room for eight players, the Detroit Lions, along with the NFL's other 31 teams, will now be allowed to sign 10 players to their practice squad this year.

Leon Halip

For at least 2014 and 2015, NFL practice squads will no longer be capped at eight players. Instead, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to test out 10-man practice squads for the next two seasons. This means that there will now be two additional spots on each team's practice squad and a total of 64 new spots around the league.

The NFL has also made some other adjustments to its practice squad rules:

These all sound like positive changes. With more spots available, players will have more opportunities to continue their careers on practice squads around the NFL. And for a team like the Detroit Lions, which will be releasing a lot of players with upside and potential in the coming weeks, those two extra spots could really come in handy.

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