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Lions approval poll: Jim Caldwell (August 2014)

Do you approve of the job Jim Caldwell is doing as head coach of the Detroit Lions? Vote now.

Ezra Shaw

In our first ever Jim Caldwell approval poll back in June, the head coach of the Detroit Lions received a 77% approval rating. Only 3% disapproved of Caldwell, leaving the other 20% in the unsure category. Considering there was very little information to go on back in June, it's no surprise that the unsure category received so many votes.

Admittedly, there still isn't a ton of information to go on with Caldwell. He hasn't coached the Lions in any regular-season games, and that's what will truly count when it comes to evaluating Caldwell's performance. His record in the preseason is really irrelevant considering it's based on the results of exhibition games.

With all that said, we have at least started to get a feel for Caldwell in the Lions' head coaching role. We've seen him operate in three preseason games, and he's completed his first training camp in Detroit as well. Again, that's still not a ton to go on, but based on what you've seen so far this summer, do you approve of the job he is doing as head coach of the Lions?

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