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Lions notes: Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, more

Lions notes looks at Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and much more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • According to Mike O'Hara, Calvin Johnson lost some weight and lowered his body fat percentage this offseason. Good luck, opposing defenses.

  • Reggie Bush is entering his ninth season in the NFL, and he recently threw out the idea of playing for 15 total seasons before his career comes to an end. That would be quite an achievement considering he's a running back.

  • NFL AM's countdown of the top 100 plays of 2013 is somehow still going on, and Bush's electric touchdown run against the Chicago Bears came in at No. 26.

  • If you end up attending Wednesday night's Detroit Lions practice at Ford Field, don't be alarmed by the quarterbacks' new jerseys -- they're for a good cause.
  • Sam Martin is hoping to become the NFL's top punter this year.

  • As a way of reminding Lions players to stay out of trouble, Jim Caldwell has been showing "clips of people related to sports who find trouble away from the field," according to The Detroit News.

  • Tablets are coming to the Lions' sideline this season.

  • ESPN's Mike Tirico recently spoke with the Lions' official site after stopping by to watch a practice.