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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Wednesday

A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Wednesday.

Grant Halverson

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Wednesday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening Statement: "It's a big day for us like any other Wednesday just in terms of our preparation, which is going to be key against a very good football team, obviously, that has a lot of weapons on both sides and in their kicking game as well. In dealing with us, obviously, we have to just look at the things where we feel we're going to get better and have to get better at. Try to focus in on those things and it starts like it does with every Wednesday for us, it's our fundamentals. Our fundamentals and techniques are going to be key in trying to improve in areas where we need to get better. We have to run the ball better, we certainly have to do I think a little bit better job in terms of reducing the number of big plays we have in terms of the passing game and just be a lot more sharp and crisp from an offensive standpoint. Those things we'll work on, work diligently on and obviously turnovers are things we work on, on a daily basis anyway. Our ball security will be key as well,  so those are points of emphasis for us this week as every week and I'll open up for any questions."

On needing to run the ball better: "If it was just one simple thing we could correct it rather quickly. We run a variety of plays and the breakdowns have been different locations, different issues whether it's a second level blocker or first initial contact on the line of scrimmage. It could be combination blocks, things of that nature, but we're trying to make certain that we sure all of those things up. I just think just like anything else you achieve what you emphasize and that's going to be a strong emphasis for us not only in terms of this game but every game. In this league you have to be able to run the ball consistently in order to be I think a solid football team, a real good football team, so we'll continue to work on those things."

On Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy: "Obviously, I think he touched the ball about 25 times for them at this point, somewhere around the area of 27 or 25 times, and strong, has good balance, very difficult to tackle, very fine vision,  and a good cut back runner. When they displace your defensive line he can find cracks and seams, so he's very good with the ball in his hands whether or not you're handing it to him or check downs. Quarterback would give him the ball when he has exhausted his looks down the field in terms of progression and Lacy is able to catch the ball and really do some harm to your defense. He runs hard and runs well and gains a lot of extra yardage that way." 

On what's done in practice to work on ball security: "That's something that we try and make certain that's not just brand new for us. We talked about preventing turnovers and ball security from day one. It's the most important thing that we do overall. Ball security drills concentrating on those things that we do in practice, trying to strip it away from our offense when you're on defense, it helps both sides. Helps the defense trying to create turnovers, certainly helps the offensive unit in trying to make certain that they secure the ball as well, so we try to continue to emphasize those things."

On signing DB Danny Gorrer: "He's, number one, a guy that's got speed and quickness. He is a guy that's been around the league a little bit. We had him in Indianapolis, also had him at Baltimore. He has some familiarity with the system as well, that's a bonus. Athletically he's one of those guys that's quick. He's versatile, he can play inside and out and he'll tackle well."

On if K Nate Freese is still the starter: "At this point in time he is our guy. He's a young guy who has potential, but just like anything else in our business, it's a performance business. We all understand that and he understands it as well."

On anticipating K Nate Freese being the kicker on Sunday: "Yes."

On going into Sunday's game thinking more than seven points will have to be scored: "You know, they're pretty explosive, obviously, and they're going to put some points on the board. What we have to do is do what we do best. That is obviously play good defense, certainly can't let him run around free without any pressure because he's (Aaron Rodgers) going to give you some problems. He's got a lot of weapons, obviously. WR Jordy Nelson is one we're concerned about, does a great job. Randall Cobb can hurt you, he's got speed and he's got good hands and they can run the ball at you. That combination of things with him kind of orchestrating all of those is an issue. What we have to do is do a good job of containing them and just do what we do. Our job is to come away from the ball game with scoring more points than they have in that particular game."

On if Rodgers has a weakness: "I haven't seen any."

On where Rodgers stacks up compared to the other quarterbacks he's evaluated: "He's exceptional."

On how many exceptional quarterbacks he's evaluated: "I wouldn't give you numbers in terms of how he stacks up or ranks, but this guy is different than the norm. This guy is special."

On what he likes best about Rodgers: "Well, he gives you so many problems. Often times, you'll find guys that have his skill in terms of passes. He's got a quick release, which I think is obviously a hallmark of a guy that does a great job in that area. He also has a great understanding of his offensive system, so he's smart. He can use his feet, not only to buy a little time in the pocket, but he can also get outside of the pocket and hurt you because he can run and he can cover ground. With that combination, he really proposes a problem for you. He's not a one dimensional guy. He's a multidimensional talent with an equally sharp mind."

On if he's addressed the Adrian Peterson situation with his players: "One of the things that we do an extent of in of our meetings and things of that nature is a segment that's called a high cost for low living. We cover a gambit of different things within it, whatever it might be. We talk about issues, we talk about some of the hot-button issues. I don't necessarily tell them what to say, that's up to them. They have to be able to respond and answer it the way in which they feel necessary, but I want them to speak their mind in that regard. I think that's a part of this business is that you have a great platform as well, but we don't want it to be a distraction. So, we cover everything. You name it, we try to cover it and in particular just things dealing with athletics. Whether it's college or pro's or whatever it might be. Those issues I think are things that come up. In this league and in any endeavor where you're a head football coach or a manager of a baseball team or whatever it might be, it's just not X's and O's. You have to talk about a little bit of everything. That's a part of it as well."

On what he told the team specifically in regards to the Peterson issue: "I'm not going to go into things that happened within our meeting room and how we discuss and talk about those issues, but like we said, we kind of address them and point out the best way we think to handle them."

On what a good rushing performance is that he expects from his team on a week to week basis: "The performance in terms of yards can often times be a little vague, but you like to be over four yards a carry. That's where you'd like to be. That gives you a chance to be pretty productive week in and week out."

On Gorrer and if he expects him to play the nickel or on the outside on defense: "He's capable of doing both. It just kind of depends on our need, but he's flexible enough. Gorrer is a unique guy, he's got speed and ability and like I said, he can bounce inside or out."

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