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Joseph Fauria explains how he injured his ankle

How did Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria suffer an ankle injury? On Monday, he explained what happened.

Gregory Shamus

As soon as news broke last week that Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria suffered an ankle injury at his home, there was a lot of speculation about what happened. Did the accident involve his dog? Was he intoxicated? Did he get hurt playing volleyball? Those were just some of the rumors that were swirling around.

On Monday, Fauria explained what exactly happened, and it turns out that his dog was involved in the situation.

The injury was bad enough that it required a trip to the emergency room, and he is still in a boot and on crutches. The injury did not damage his sense of humor, though.

As for the rumor that he got hurt playing volleyball, Fauria explained how that came about:

Obviously this injury is pretty disappointing for both Fauria and the Lions, but I don't know how you can stay mad at this face:

Hopefully Fauria will be back sooner rather than later, but at least the Lions have a first-round pick to plug in at tight end while he's out.