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NFL power rankings, Week 5: Lions jump into top 10

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After improving to 3-1 on Sunday, the Detroit Lions moved into the top 10 across the board in this week's NFL power rankings.

Jeff Zelevansky

The Detroit Lions have now won back-to-back games, and they're standing atop the NFC North at 3-1 going into Week 5. This week's NFL power rankings reflect their early-season success, as the Lions are now in the top 10 across the board. Take a look:

Clearly people are starting to believe in the Lions. Their defense looks legit, and the offense has done enough so far to get the Lions three wins. There are definitely still things that need to be improved, but with another winnable game on the schedule this week, perhaps the Lions could start knocking on the door of the top five sooner rather than later.

Speaking of this week's game, the story right now for the Buffalo Bills, which will face the Lions on Sunday, is much different. Currently, the Bills are 21st (SB Nation), 23rd (, 23rd (ESPN), 23rd (CBS Sports), 23rd (FOX Sports) and 21st (Pro Football Talk). The Bills followed up their 2-0 start with a pair of losses, and now they're down in the 20s in this week's power rankings. They could use a win to get back into the teens, but the Lions will try to make sure that doesn't happen when the two teams meet at Ford Field on Sunday.