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Lions place Montell Owens on injured reserve

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The Detroit Lions have cleared room for George Winn by putting Montell Owens on injured reserve.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Fullback Montell Owens' season has come to an end. In order to make room for running back George Winn, who was promoted from the practice squad earlier on Tuesday, the Detroit Lions decided to place Owens on injured reserve.

Owens has had a tough time staying on the field in his two seasons with the Lions. Last year, he made one single appearance in between stints on injured reserve, and this year he only managed to play in three games thanks to a hamstring injury. He was brought in to be a big-time special teams contributor, but injuries have simply prevented that from happening.

With Owens out for the season, Winn's addition means the Lions have some extra depth in the backfield. Winn really made an impression in the preseason, especially with his special teams play. Special teams will likely be his main role going forward, but if injuries pile up in front of him at running back, he could see a few carries here or there.

By the way, with Winn being promoted to the 53-man roster, the Lions filled his spot on the practice squad with running back William Powell.