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POLL: Who will be the Lions' offensive MVP this year?

Who will be the Detroit Lions' offensive MVP this year? Vote now and see what Pride Of Detroit's writers had to say.

Joe Sargent

To get ready for the 2014 season, Pride Of Detroit's writers weighed in with predictions on a variety of topics. You can make your own predictions by voting in the poll at the end of this post, and you can see what our writers had to say below.

Next up: Who will be the Detroit Lions' offensive MVP this year?

Jeremy Reisman: Matthew Stafford

If there is such a thing as a "make-or-break" season for a quarterback, this is it. In fact, throw all the clichés at Stafford: "no more excuses," "multitude of weapons," "arsenal of coaches," etc. The one challenge Stafford has is working with a new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach and getting immediate results. But this offense will continue to ride or die with Stafford. This scheme specializes in spreading the ball around, so I don't see Calvin Johnson or Golden Tate or Reggie Bush being the most valuable asset to the team. It is the quarterback. And if Stafford clicks with the new offensive scheme, it could be his most explosive season ever.

Eric Shinabarger: Calvin Johnson

I think that Matthew Stafford will bounce back this year, but his fortunes, along with everyone else in the Lions franchise, rise and fall with Megatron.

Justin Simon: Calvin Johnson

How can I go against the best wide receiver, and maybe player, in the entire NFL? Matthew Stafford could give him a run for his money if he is able to recapture 2011 form, but if that’s the case I bet Megatron has a big part in it. Also, if the defensive penalties continue to be strictly called in the secondary, I expect Johnson to eat defenses apart this year.

Brian Packey: Matthew Stafford

I think he'll be significantly better than he was in his most recent cable commercials. He might not have the sexy yards at the end of the year, but he should be more efficient. With some better coaching and continued experience, Stafford could potentially develop into a league MVP.

Sean Yuille: Calvin Johnson

Matthew Stafford needs to be the Lions' offensive MVP, but I still think Calvin Johnson will end up taking that honor.

Christopher Tomke: Matthew Stafford

If I’m predicting 11 wins, he’s really the only choice.

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