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A look back at our 2014 Lions predictions

How accurate were our 2014 predictions for the Detroit Lions? Let's take a look back at our picks from before the season.

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Before this past season began, Pride Of Detroit's writers put together various predictions for how things would play out in 2014. POD readers also made various predictions by voting in polls before the 2014 season kicked off, and below is a look back at how our picks from early September fared.

Lions' record

How we voted: 10-6 really ran away with this poll, taking home 33 percent of the vote.

In reality: The Detroit Lions one-upped expectations from before the season by going 11-5. Only 237 people actually voted for 11-5, which was good for 14 percent of the vote. To put that in context, 9-7 also received 14 percent of the vote before the season.

Lions' playoff status

How we voted: 73 percent of the voters said yes to the Lions making the playoffs.

In reality: Good job, readers. Christopher Tomke was the only front-page writer who expected the Lions to make the playoffs, but you guys shared his optimism and ended up being correct with Detroit making the postseason as a wild-card team.

Offensive MVP

How we voted: Matthew Stafford defeated Calvin Johnson by a margin of 58-25 percent.

In reality: Between Stafford's inconsistent season and Johnson missing time with an ankle injury, I don't really think either player was the offensive MVP. That distinction probably belongs to Golden Tate, who received only seven percent of the vote in this poll.

Defensive MVP

How we voted: Ndamukong Suh won the poll with 39 percent of the vote. Ziggy Ansah wasn't all that far behind with 25 percent of the vote, and DeAndre Levy came in third with 17 percent of the vote.

In reality: You could certainly make a strong case for Levy, but Suh seems like the pretty clear pick for defensive MVP, which matches up with most people's pre-season expectations.

Rookie of the year

How we voted: Eric Ebron was the overwhelming winner here with 45 percent of the vote.

In reality: Does anybody really deserve to be called the rookie of the year for the Lions? None of the rookies really jumped out as having outstanding seasons. Actually, offensive linemen Travis Swanson and Cornelius Lucas might actually have the strongest cases of anyone. Considering they were backups forced into action by injuries, that really sums up the disappointing season for the Lions' rookies.

(In the interest of full disclosure, Jerome Couplin and Nate Freese came in second and third in this poll. Neither player is even on the team anymore. Whoops.)

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