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Super Bowl 2015: Which team are you rooting for?

Are you rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49?

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Thanks to the Green Bay Packers' epic meltdown in Seattle, the Detroit Lions don't have to worry about a division rival playing in the Super Bowl this year. That's always a good thing from a rooting standpoint, as it's never fun to see a division rival playing on the sport's biggest stage.

In the Packers' place for the NFC is a familiar face: the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are back in the Super Bowl after winning it all last year with a blowout victory over the Denver Broncos. This year they're facing the New England Patriots, a team that certainly isn't a stranger to the Super Bowl. This is the Patriots' sixth Super Bowl appearance since the 2001 season. Their last two trips to the Super Bowl ended in defeat, but they had a stretch of three titles in four years in the early 2000s.

Needless to say, neither of these teams is lacking in the success department. For that reason alone, it's not exactly easy to root for either of these teams, especially as a fan of a team that has never even been to one Super Bowl. The Patriots have been at the top of the NFL for quite some time now, and the Seahawks look like they could be the next potential dynasty in the NFL.

So, which team should you root for on Sunday? That's obviously your call, but I'm personally going with the Patriots. Yeah, I know, there's the whole "Deflategate" controversy, but as a Michigan fan, I want Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl. I don't have anything against the Seahawks -- I have immensely enjoyed how Marshawn Lynch has trolled the media all week long -- but I'm giving a slight edge to the Patriots.

Of course, even if the Seahawks win, I won't be upset by any means. Just like in 2013, I picked them to win it all before the season. And before this season's playoffs began, I picked the Seahawks to beat the Patriots. I certainly wouldn't mind simply being right come Sunday.

I suppose more than anything, though, I'm just rooting for an entertaining game that doesn't turn into a blowout. Last season's Super Bowl got out of hand extremely quickly, and I'd much rather see an exciting game that goes down to the wire.

What do you want to happen on Sunday?

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