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NFL admits to ANOTHER blown call from Lions-Cowboys officials

No, this is not a recording: The NFL has admitted that Sunday's officials blew yet another call that led to the Detroit Lions' downfall in Dallas.

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On Monday, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino admitted that the Dallas Cowboys got away with a defensive holding penalty on the infamous pass interference no-call play. Blandino also admitted that the officials probably shouldn't have picked up the original flag for pass interference, and he suggested there should have been a penalty on Dez Bryant for running onto the field to argue with the officials.

On Tuesday, we are now learning of yet another blown call that the NFL has fessed up to. This one involves a missed offensive holding call on the Cowboys. From Adam Schefter:

NFL admitted to Lions today that officials missed a hold on Ndamukong Suh on the 4th-down conversion from Tony Romo to Jason Witten with 6 minutes left in the game (after the controversial Brandon Pettigrew play and before the Dallas TD). Had holding been called, it would have put Cowboys in 4th and 16 on Detroit side of the field. Dallas would have punted and Detroit still would have the lead. One person said that this is "even worse than the PI call/no call."

The NFL is basically saying to the Detroit Lions, "Yes, our officials are completely incompetent and really screwed you over on Sunday." However, these post-game admissions mean nothing, because the Lions' season is still over. More than anything, it's just rubbing salt in the wound at this point. Admitting you screwed up can't change what already happened, and this is merely adding more fuel to an already large fire over what went down on Sunday.

I guess the NFL admitting their mistakes is better than trying to cover them up, but this is too little, too late as far as I'm concerned.

UPDATE: This is the play in question:

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