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The PODcast #4: the offensive offense of Joe Lombardi

On the weekly podcast Chris Lemieux and Jeremy Reisman discuss the sad state of the offense and explore an alternate universe where everyone became Patriots fans. Also, Matthew Stafford commercials and what Wayne Fontes is up to.

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As always, thank you for supporting the PODcast. Our little excursion into additional Lions commentary here at Pride Of Detroit now celebrates its fourth episode involving Lions football, reader questions, and playful(?) ribbing at the other writers on the staff who may or may not be on to defend themselves.

This week on the PODcast we worked with a skeleton crew of two people, myself and fearless leader Jeremy Reisman. We'll be back to three next week once we resolve some scheduling issues. For now, enjoy the two of us talking about the Lions tipping their plays, the mob gathered around offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, and much more. We also, as always, take your reader questions from the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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(2:40) Quick Hits: Court rules against the NCAA. Will the Lions see Marshawn Lynch on Monday? Also a detour about Matthew Stafford commercials.

(11:20) The People vs. Joe Lombardi: A brief post-mortem on Denver. How bad is the play-tipping news for the Detroit Lions? How much blame goes on Joe Lombardi's shoulders, and is there anyone else that needs to be under a microscope?

(26:00) Eyes on the Horizon: Previewing the Seattle Seahawks game.

(32:30) Reader Questions: The best of submitted questions. We try to find out what Wayne Fontes is up to and choose between Joe Lombardi and Joe Barry. Also we make an excursion to an alternate universe where we're all Patriots fans.