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Jim Caldwell: 'I'm not doing a very good job right now'

Lions players and coaches spoke with the media following their 42-17 loss to the Cardinals.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It was predictably a somber mood in the Detroit Lions locker room after their 42-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. The players spoke in low, melancholic tones -- if they spoke to the media at all. There were no smiles. There was no playful banter with media members. Here's a quick recap of what some players and coaches said after the game:

Matthew Stafford

  • The Detroit Lions did not make Stafford available in the press conference room after the game. However, he did speak briefly in the locker room.
  • Stafford told the media he was given specific conditions on his play at halftime:

Golden Tate

  • Tate was visibly frustrated after the game. On losing at home: "That's embarrassing. We did it to ourselves."
  • Tate later then took the bait and voiced his opinion on the fan's vocal displeasure: I know Tate is just trying to rally the fanbase, but that's not how things work after getting slammed at home to move to 0-5 on the season. You had a chance to rally the fanbase with your play, and you fumbled it away.

James Ihedigbo

Jim Caldwell