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The PODcast #6 - Stafford, Chicago and paper bags

This week on the Pride Of Detroit podcast: we read the best hatemail Chris got on his Stafford piece, find hope in a dark realm and try to talk about football.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

This one got off the rails this week quickly. Myself, Jeremy Reisman and Ryan Matthews piled into a small car on the internet and started to wander around topics pertaining to the NFL, football, and the Detroit Lions.

Naturally as talking about the dysfunction becomes a more and more harrowing prospect the rate at which we wander off the rails into uncharted territory seems to be increasing. We cannot guarantee that everything you listen to this week will be of a sound conversation or any better than sports talk at a bar. Nevertheless, it is still chock-full of Lions goodies amidst all the self-involvement. Take a listen.

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(2:10) Quick hits: The FBI and DOJ are cracking down on FanDuel and DraftKings. We worry about Ryan Matthews and his mother's picks and the future of daily fantasy.

(5:40) DO YOU WANT TO APOLOGIZE: Another conversation about Matthew Stafford and the different articles and takes on the Lions quarterback. We also read some of the best hatemail and Facebook comments raging against Chris's article. Someone also suggested that Matt Flynn should start at quarterback.

(26:10) Hate Week in Michigan: We take a break away from NFL to talk about the Michigan/Michigan State college football game on Saturday, in accordance to Detroit sports media.

(34:30) We tried to talk about Chicago!: Talk about the Bennett brothers, whether hate is greater for the Bears or Packers, a mirror universe Jeremy Reisman and somehow we kinda get to previewing the Lions/Bears game on Sunday.

(50:30) Reader mail: We finally get to some questions. What's our theme music? How do fans support a losing team in this current climate for fans? When should someone wear a paper bag?