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Fantasy football: Just picks and broken promises for Week 6

It's not Jeremy's fault that he hyped up a column on the PODcast this week that isn't really coming your way until Week 7. That's right, that's now two plugs for next week's article and the PODcast before you even get out of the subheading. Let me explain.

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Editor's Note: A new $2,000,000 one-week fantasy football league has opened on FanDuel for Week 6. First place wins $150,000 on Sunday. Join now!

It's been a whirlwind of a week for myself. I'm student teaching, taking night classes, and managing to still get on the PODcast to add insightful comments like, "I don't know anything about college football." I do all of these things not out of necessity, but instead because I'm incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to have my hand in so many great things in all of these different places. I'm genuinely interested in pursuing all of them, but sometimes, things get pushed to the wayside. What has happened as a result of this demanding schedule is a less than graceful juggling act -- today, as I groggily ambled my way into a gas station before I got to high school this morning, I was made aware by the clerk that my fly was unzipped. It's been that kind of week. I mean, you guys think that it was supposed to be humorous that I was asking my mother for fantasy advice last week? Au contraire, mon frère. I needed someone to make some picks while I put together a bowl of cereal to throw down my gullet as I was on my way out the door for something school related. But let me give you some picks for Week 6 to consider when putting together your daily fantasy lineup because no matter how busy I am, either someone else I know -- or don't know -- or myself will always be here for all of your fantasy needs.

Also, I know my mom had a rough week last week, but cut her some slack. She was concerned about her team all Sunday, asking me constantly for updates, and when I wasn't around to answer her questions, I'm sure she was asking my disgruntled dad whose team is now Jamaal Charles-less. Rough week all around for the Mathews Clan so bare with me as this expedited week of fantasy advice will be followed up next week -- hopefully -- with an inter-POD confrontation for the ages.

Blake Bortles at $7,300

Hey everybody, get on the Bortles' bandwagon before I close the doors on this thing. I drafted him in a keeper league last year in the final round of the draft, kept him to everyone's amusement, but now who's laughing?!? He's a top ten fantasy quarterback this year up to this point, putting up respectable points on just about every team he's faced this year outside of Carolina -- one of the top five defenses in the league this year so far. He also gets to go up against a Houston secondary that had trouble stopping the Indianapolis Relics Colts. Go Jags, go!

Dan Orlovsky at $5,700


I hate myself. Why can't we have nice things?

Le'Veon Bell at $9,000

Did you see what happened on Monday night? I watched the Steelers run on three straight downs at one point during the second half, which really goes to show you how much confidence the coaching staff has in Vick's ability to make a decision before he gets hit for a sack. I can't get over how much fun it is to watch Bell take a hand-off, slow in his approach to the line of scrimmage, stick his free hand out to feel a hip and hole, and then take off through said hole for what very well could have been a loss of yards. He also gets to play an Arizona defense who was gashed by Todd Gurley two weeks ago for 146 yards on just 19 attempts.

LeGarrette Blount at $6,500

He had limited touches last week -- 13 carries -- but managed to gain 74 yards rushing while splitting time with Dion Lewis. Lewis only had six rushes last Sunday against Dallas, but was a target of Brady's all day, hauling in eight passes for 59 yards and a score. I can't help but think back to last year's AFC Championship game though, where Blount was given 30 carries, scored three touchdowns and rushed for 148 yards. I think he's worth the gamble this week considering how cheap he comes and the amount of work he should see.

DeAndre Hopkins at $8,500

That's three guys in a row now that have an additional capitalized letter somewhere else in their first name. I'm on a roll. Sort of like Mr. Hopkins. Three straight games of over 100 yards receiving and eight or more receptions. He's failed to get into the end zone the past couple of weeks, but still managed to put up 20.2 and 22.4 points respectively. I think this Sunday against Jacksonville will be another shootout for the two teams, so pick Hopkins: he has two capital letters in his first name!

Julian Edelman at $7,900

Week 5 against the Cowboys was the first time this season that Julian Edelman saw less than ten targets, but it's safe to assume that this could be one of the few instances in which this will happen. Still, with only four catches on five targets last week, Edelman had a touchdown and 120 yards receiving for 20 fantasy points. Swipe right on Edelman.

Greg Olsen at $6,300

Missed you last week, Greg.

Josh Brown at $4,700

Barring any crazy sort of weather in Philadelphia this weekend, I've been impressed with the Giants ability to move the ball down the field, and Brown's point totals reflect that as he's one of the top kickers in fantasy. I've reached my word count that I'm allowed on place kickers.

Denver Broncos at $5,000

Worth every penny as they play Josh McCown and a Browns offense that isn't nearly as good as the Ravens made them look last week.