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Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears: Staff predictions

See who our staffers are picking this week, and add your own prediction.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Pride of Detroit staff is sick of the losses. While four staffers think the Bears will come out victorious, ten believe this is the week the Lions finally get their first win. Here's all of our predictions:

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 3-2 20-10 Bears
Christopher Tomke 0-5 30-20 Lions
Joseph Buszek 1-4 24-13 Lions
Drew Erickson 2-3 27-19 Lions
Chris Lemieux 3-2 17-11 Lions
Alex Reno 3-2 17-14 Bears
Brian Packey 3-2 20-14 Lions
John Cherette 2-3 27-17 Lions
Ryan Mathews 2-3 42-35 Lions
Solomon Williams 3-1 28-14 Bears
Justin Simon 2-3 17-14 Lions
Kyle Yost 3-2 24-21 Bears
Andrew Keating 4-1 24-17 Lions
Aaron Meckes 4-1 27-24 Lions

After Sunday's embarrassing blowout to the Cardinals, Pride of Detroit plummeted all the way to 26th in SB Nation's blog prediction rankings. Let's bounce back this week and get back in that top half. Submit your prediction below, and add your prediction to the comment section to enter in the weekly On Paper contest.

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