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Detroit Lions Week 7 NFL power rankings: Lions tick up

The Detroit Lions didn't move much after their first win of the season, but they're headed in the right direction.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Now that the Detroit Lions are no longer winless, their season is saved, right? Well, not exactly. Though the Lions no longer rank worst in the league, most experts still consider them a bottom tier team. It's hard to argue against, considering how bad they struggled against a poor Chicago Bears team. However, ESPN bumped the Lions seven spots, and CBS raised them five. There is a shred of optimism out there. Here's where the major outlets rank the Lions after six weeks.

  • SB Nation: 30th (up two spots)
  • 31st (up one spot)
  • ESPN: 24th (up seven spot)
  • CBS Sports: 27th (up five spot)
  • FOX Sports: 28th (up two spots)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 26th (up three spots)
  • Detroit hosts the Minnesota Vikings this week for their final matchup of the season. If the Lions can take down the Vikings, they'll start to turn some heads, as Minnesota has won three of their past four games. As a result, the Vikings rank highly on most power rankings. They rank 10th (SB Nation), 10th (, 15th (ESPN), ninth (CBS Sports), ninth (FOX Sports) and 10th (Yahoo! Sports).

    Where do you rank the Lions and Vikings?