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Week 7 NFL picks against the spread: Booth view

Here are your Week 7 NFL picks against the spread.

Mmm, that booth up there looks kind of nice.
Mmm, that booth up there looks kind of nice.
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In the most not talked about booth move since Willie came out of the boooooth and got hit by a car, I'm surprised Joe Lombardi's move from the sidelines didn't get more press than it did. The Lions went 11-5 and nearly won a playoff game with Lombardi on the sidelines last season, so yeah, there's no black-and-white right or wrong here, but what took me by surprise is that this move didn't happen sooner because it's supposedly what Lombardi wanted for some time. Why not let him move up as soon as he wanted to? In conjunction with technology these days, as opposed to in my day, I would think the dude calling the shots should have the best view of the field, free from distraction. Lombardi admitted it helped while downplaying other possible benefits:

"The biggest thing for me is it's less hectic," he said. "You don't have to feel the guys pouting if you're not throwing the ball to them, or whatever emotions are going on down there. You're just kind of away from them. It's a little quieter."Lombardi said he was less exhausted after the game, too, due to the calmness of the environment compared to the field-level experience.Lombardi said he was less exhausted after the game, too, due to the calmness of the environment compared to the field-level experience.

Lombardi said he was less exhausted after the game, too, due to the calmness of the environment compared to the field-level experience.

With the Lions using tablets to look at aerial views of the game between drives, Lombardi said there wasn't much benefit to him seeing things from a bird's-eye view. While he acknowledged it's possible to notice a weakness in the defense a play sooner, the extra knowledge can backfire as teams frequently alter their defensive calls.

The extra knowledge can backfire? A man of knowledge increases strength. Lombardi's offense has been weak. Lombardi, coaches, Stafford, and fans can downplay the change all they want, but there's no denying that anytime you can have extra knowledge and a guy named Jim Bob Cooter on the sideline, you're better for it. But I get it, most coaches prefer to be on the sideline so they can yell and scream and be in the action, and for direct communication with the quarterback. I'm a video game guy, though, so when you're hitting the reset button, the booth for Lombardi seemed like a smart move.

No reset button here. Since the tweets worked so well last week, and I'm a little 'stitious, let's give them a try again this week:

49ERS (+6.5) over Seahawks

JAGUARS (+5.5) over Bills

LIONS (+2.5) over Vikings

Donuts are yummy, but not good for world class athletes.

Falcons (-3.5) over TITANS

Okay, I will, because you said so:

COLTS (-4.5) over Saints

Steelers (-2) over CHIEFS

Browns (+5.5) over RAMS


DOLPHINS (-4.5) over Texans

Jets (+9) over PATRIOTS

Wish I could embed this solid game week smack talk:

As part of Throwback Thursday, the Patriots' official Twitter account tweeted: "This seems relevant. #TBT" with a picture attached of the infamous play. The tweet was deleted later Thursday.

The "Butt Fumble" play took place in a Thanksgiving night game in 2012, when then-quarterback Mark Sanchez, on an aborted play, ran into the rear end of guard Brandon Moore. Sanchez fumbled, and it was returned for a touchdown by the Patriots, who won a blowout on Thanksgiving night, 49-19.

Buccaneers (+3.5) over REDSKINS

Puke. Tweet.

CHARGERS (-4) over Raiders

My thoughts exactly when I heard this last Sunday:

Cowboys (+3.5) over GIANTS

PANTHERS (-3.5) over Eagles

Pay my fine, Cam?

Ravens (+7.5) over CARDINALS

LAST WEEK: 8-5-1



From the comments: JonnieT falls out of the top 10 with a rough 3-8-1 and is at 43-41. Scriggl falls to 42-47 (I'm coming for you!) Elfuego51 is 36-53.

If picking all of the games against the spread isn't your thing, let me know if you're interested in starting a midseason FourPlay Football league. You pick 4 games each week with a teased spread, +14 in your favor. It's a Detroit-based start up so be a part of something local. Also, ask me about becoming a Guru (to replace me)!

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