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The PODcast #7: Sad Bears fans schadenfreude

Jerry Mallory joins us on the seventh episode as we go heavy on NFC North and reader questions.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was a weird feeling coming in a day late and with a win to speak of. It's here though, the next episode of the PODcast.

It's the seventh episode and we're trying to get this going up on iTunes. Check it out there, and if you're a cool person, leave us a review! The more we get, the more likely we are to climb the rankings and continue global domination of the Detroit Lions talk with assorted football discussion, banter, and the desperate attempts by Alex Reno and Ryan Matthews to turn this venture into a wrestling podcast.

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(3:50) Good feelings!: We recap the emotions of a victory over the Bears, experience from the field and in front of the television. Bears fans sent home sad, a superfan kicked out, Calvin Johnson being awesome and more improvements we saw on Sunday.

(24:50) Vikings preview: We discuss Adrian Peterson's struggles, Vikings that confound the Lions, and where the Lions can continue their improvement.

(37:30) Reader questions: Plenty to talk this week, including a couple questions about Joe Lombardi, what goes in in Caldwell's head, and fast food restaurants to describe the season so far.