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Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings: Staff picks

Check out our predictions for the Detroit Lions Week 7 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Leave your prediction in the comment section.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Optimism is pumping through the veins of Pride of Detroit right now. Our staff is fully expecting the Detroit Lions to pick up their second win of the season over the Minnesota Vikings. Nine of our staff picked the Lions to upset the Vikings while only four believe Minnesota will win.

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 3-3 17-13 Vikings
Christopher Tomke 1-5 27-24 Lions
Joseph Buszek 2-4 21-20 Lions
Drew Erickson 3-3 23-20 Vikings
Chris Lemieux 4-2 25-23 Lions
Alex Reno 3-3 23-17 Vikings
Brian Packey 4-2 24-20 Lions
John Cherette 3-3 31-27 Lions
Ryan Mathews 3-3 21-7 Lions
Solomon Williams 3-2 --
Justin Simon 3-3 24-23 Lions
Kyle Yost 3-3 20-17 Lions
Andrew Keating 5-1 21-17 Vikings
Aaron Meckes 5-1 24-23 Lions

Pride of Detroit now ranks 22nd, four spots above where we ranked last week. Submit your prediction below and add it as a comment so you have a chance to win our weekly On Paper contest.