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Quick thoughts on the Detroit Lions' 28-19 loss to Minnesota Vikings

Trying to make sense of the Lions' collapse against the Vikings.

Dave Reginek/Getty Images

  • I know the main narrative for the game will be the offense's disappearing act after the first quarter, but someone needs to take this Detroit Lions pass defense to task. They came into the game with the worst ranked pass defense by completion percentage and passer rating. Today, Teddy Bridgewater lit them up for 316 yards, 2 touchdowns and a passer rating of 118.3. All of those are season highs for Bridgewater (except for passer rating; Bridgewater had a rating of 120.6 in Week 2...against the Lions).
  • Now to the offense. The Lions lost control of this game in the second and third quarter, when the Lions offense failed to earn more than 10 yards during that stretch. Despite early success, the Lions abandoned the run game, and the Vikings teed off on Stafford. When the Lions returned to the run game, it was much too late.
  • Offensive line: still a disaster.
  • Haloti Ngata looked great in his first game back from injury, bringing pressure to Bridgewater on a fairly consistent basis.
  • Killer stat from the Lions defense: Minnesota was 5-13 on third down. That may not seem too bad, but several of those conversions were early in drives and third-and-long situations. A defensive holding call on Quandre Diggs converted a third and 11 early in the third quarter. The Vikings went on to score a touchdown later in the drive.
  • All sorts of coverage breakdowns on defense for the Lions. Darius Slay, Josh Bynes, and -- most of all -- Rashean Mathis appeared to be guilty of mental lapses.
  • Let's end on some positives: taking away one play, the Lions held the Vikings to 65 rushing yards at 1.9 a carry.
  • Eric Ebron looked really good in his game back. It's a shame the Lions lost sight of him in the second half.
  • Matt Prater, still perfect (not counting blocked extra points).