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Lions notes: Chiefs waiting until Thursday night to travel to London

Today's notes takes a look at the Chiefs' puzzling decision to wait until Thursday night to travel to England.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

  • Andy Reid made a bit of a surprising decision this week, choosing to practice in the comfort of the Chiefs' home facilities before traveling to London late on Thursday night. Reid said of the choice, "I just let the guys practice here, sleep in their own beds, familiarity. We'll get ourselves over there and we've got it pretty well-mapped out."

    The Lions arrived in London early Tuesday morning and have practiced there all week. This is the Chiefs' first time traveling to London, so the Lions' experience could be a big factor this week. However, it's worth noting that the Jacksonville Jaguars waited until Thursday to travel to London last week. They ended up defeating the Buffalo Bills, who arrived earlier in the week.
  • Things are not looking great for the Lions right now, but they may have dodged a bullet when they didn't hire Ken Whisenhunt as their head coach in 2014:
  • Of all the problems the Detroit Lions have had this season, starting games hot has not been one of them:
  • The Lions players had Tuesday off to explore London, which resulted in a very, very expensive Uber ride for Joique Bell.
  • In order to help deal with the jet lag before Sunday, the Lions have hired something called a "sleep specialist." Jim Caldwell explains what a sleep specialist is:
    "She gives us some great direction. This is, obviously, not the only time we consult with her. It’s all year, it’s every game, it’s every time zone and she has certain protocols that we use to get guys to adapt as quickly as they can. It still takes a bit, I’m certain that most of you that came over can certainly feel, probably this morning to be exact, but she’s given us mechanisms to kind of overcome those kinds of things."
  • This cartoon is :fire emoji:
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