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Lions at Seahawks: Quick reactions to the controversial 13-10 loss


Here are some of my quick thoughts on the Detroit Lions' controversial loss to the Seattle Seahawks Monday night:

  • Despite nearly winning a tough game on the road, it's very likely that the Lions' hopes of making the playoffs are completely over. It was a gut-wrenching loss and there is no other way to put it.
  • Jim Caldwell has completely lost control of this team. We all thought that the dumb penalties would end once Jim Schwartz left and Caldwell came in, but they're still there. This team makes too many mistakes and gets called for too many dumb penalties.
  • The play that injured Tyrunn Walker was because of a despicable illegal block that probably ended Walker's season. This infuriates me more than anything.
  • Even after the Megatron fumble, the Lions should have had the ball still because of an illegal batted ball in the end zone. The Lions should have had the ball at the 1-yard line. The blows just keep on coming.
  • The offense is still terrible. Joe Lombardi's play calling was brutal in the first half and the players failed to execute all game long.
  • The lone bright spot for Monday night's game was the defense. Teryl Austin did a wonderful job of dialing up all sorts of blitzes and forced two fumbles from Russell Wilson, including one returned for a touchdown.
  • I'm sad, angry, annoyed, confused and just flat out depressed after watching this game. Now we get to talk about the Lions getting screwed more than any other team in the history of the game.