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Lions notes: K.J. Wright is just trolling now

The memes are out in full force, Calvin Johnson ties a franchise record, and a former Lion is now the Dolphins coach. This and more in another edition of the news around the Lions and the NFL.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
  • If you thought Seattle's K.J. Wright would keep his head and let his teammates buck the line that they "didn't see" the batted ball that should have been a penalty called to give the ball back to the Lions, you probably lose whatever fantastic betting pool you have that gambles on this sort of stuff. K.J. Wright manually retweeted the following after the game:
  • Buried beneath the drama of Battedballgate or whatever (Skip Bayless termed it the "Bat out of Hell" play and I really like that) was a landmark made by Calvin Johnson. On that same batted ball play, Johnson tied Herman Moore for the most receptions in Lions franchise history at 670. Expect this little tidbit to be primed and ready to go when Calvin Johnson makes his first catch against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

  • Is this a thing now? Speaking of Calvin Johnson, he traded jerseys with Demayrius Thomas after the loss to the Broncos on Sunday Night Football. On Monday night, Calvin Johnson traded his jersey with Richard Sherman. You usually see this in European soccer but it's a really cool thing if Johnson's out here try to make it into a trend.

  • It would seem that NFL owners might be moving faster on the batted ball drama than expected. NFL owners are expected to meet in New York on Tuesday. While the owners are probably meeting to discuss the Los Angeles relocation situation, expect the nature of Monday night's call to be discussed at some point.

  • Daily fantasy sports sites are unbelievably popular and the ads are everywhere, but a new scandal has erupted at the heart of the matter with FanDuel and DraftKings. The revelation that there was a form of insider trading between the two entities comes at the worst time possible for daily fantasy sports as more voices question the legality of the venture.

  • Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett is holding Matthew Stafford responsible for John F. Kennedy's assassination or something. One wonders if he has the same feelings about the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Just in case you need a new venue for Detroit sports that may or may not be as depressing as this start, the first Detroit Pistons preseason game starts Tuesday night. Our friends over at Detroit Bad Boys are gearing up for basketball. Check out their NBA preseason preview.

  • Around the league, the Miami Dolphins fired head coach Joe Philbin on Monday. In a remarkable turn of events, the Dolphins passed over both coordinators in favor of the tight end coach Dan Campbell to play the role of interim head coach while they search for another young Don Shula, probably because Dan Campbell was the most muscle-studded individual they could find to instill "toughness." If the name sounds remotely familiar, one might recognize Dan Campbell from the roster of the Detroit Lions between the years 2006 and 2008. That's that winless season at the end there, but you can't blame much of that on Campbell; he was on injured reserve for a good portion of the year and only played one game.