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Tyrunn Walker has broken fibula, will undergo surgery

The injury front continues to worsen as Tyrunn Walker is set to undergo surgery that could potentially end his season. Eric Ebron also was evaluated and has no structural damage to his knee.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A multitude of injuries were sustained by the Detroit Lions during the game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Chief among them were Haloti Ngata, Eric Ebron, and Tyrunn Walker. On Tuesday it was announced that Tyrunn Walker had undergone evaluation and doctors discovered he had broken his fibula and must undergo surgery.

Ian Rappaport of NFL Network had the news:

Although Walker is set to have a full recovery, the surgery means that he is probably done for the 2015 NFL season. Tyrunn Walker gambled on himself in free agency during the offseason after a restricted contract with the New Orleans Saints was turned down, and the injury is crushing to the hopes of building on his career. The defensive tackle was a piece of a Lions defense that shone brightly on Monday night.

Word also reached the ears of reporters on Tuesday in regards to Eric Ebron, who went down Monday night with a knee injury. His situation appears far less grim as his MRI showed no structural damage, according to ESPN insider Adam Caplan:

No word was given early Tuesday afternoon as to the status of Haloti Ngata and his calf injury sustained against Seattle.