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NFL Week 5 power rankings: Lions bottom out

After another heartbreaking loss, the Lions find themselves near the bottom of the league.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

You've likely heard by now, but the Detroit Lions are now the only remaining winless team in the NFL. After a heartbreaking loss on the road to the Seattle Seahawks, the Lions now find themselves at the bottom of most power rankings -- an unspeakable thought coming into the season. This Lions have plummeted quickly. Here are the Lions' rankings across the web:

  • SB Nation: 30th (down six spots)
  • 24th (down one spot)
  • ESPN: 26th (down one spot)
  • CBS Sports: 31st (down ten spots)
  • FOX Sports: 28th (down three spots)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 25th (down three spots)
  • In order to join the rest of the league with their first win of the season, the Lions will need to take down the impressive Arizona Cardinals. Despite suffering their first loss of the season last week, the Cardinals remain one of the best teams in the league. Arizona ranks seventh (SB Nation), sixth (, fourth (ESPN), seventh (CBS Sports), eighth (FOX Sports) and sixth (Yahoo! Sports).