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The PODcast #5: Is Calvin Johnson still Megatron?

The weekly audio version of Pride Of Detroit hits the ground to talk about some fear and loathing in Seattle, the impending doom of Carson Palmer and whether Calvin Johnson is the same player of past seasons.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to apologize ahead of time, there were some serious audio issues with this particular podcast from my microphone at times. The good news is I've corrected it now; bad news is that it's here in the PODcast. Nevertheless, you want to listen because it's chock full of goodies for good children about the Detroit Lions. We're still waiting on an approved Stitcher feed; in the interim you can still subscribe on iTunes!

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(5:00) Quick Hits: Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy gets in his hot take on the Detroit Lions losing. Also, Dan Campbell is a head coach now? Really?

(12:20) So about last night...: Chris, Ryan, Alex, and Jeremy all join forces this week to push past the pain and anguish of a fumble at the one yard line. There's other juicy angles from Seattle/Lions to discuss: for instance, how good can Calvin Johnson be moving forward? Is he struggling in the offense or is he on the decline?

(23:50) "Can we talk about Arizona?": An attempt to preview the Arizona Cardinals and what seems to be an improbably awful matchup for the Detroit Lions. Chris really doesn't like the idea of Carson Palmer being good.

(36:15) Questions: Jeremy talks about Seattle fans, and an interesting question about the future of the Green Bay Packers. Also, how can the Lions run scheme get fixed?

(52:25) Some nonsense: Audio problems forced us to cut a segment where the four watched a video of some drunk dude demanding macaroni and cheese (Warning: following link is completely unsuitable to play at work). They talk about drunk food and other casual topics instead.