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Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers: Staff Predictions

Check out our picks for the Lions-Packers game.

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There's not a lot of disagreement among the Pride of Detroit staff this week. Aside from Chris Tomke's stubborn refusal to pick against the Lions, all staffers agree the Lions will lose for the 13413th consecutive time in Lambeau. In fact, most are predicting a blowout. Eight staffers believe Green Bay will win by 20 points or more. Ouch.

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 5-3 38-17 Packers
Christopher Tomke 1-7 34-30 Lions
Joseph Buszek 2-6 45-13 Packers
Drew Erickson 4-4 45-24 Packers
Chris Lemieux 5-3 47-5 Packers
Alex Reno 4-4 34-16 Packers
Brian Packey 4-4 35-24 Packers
John Cherette 4-4 42-10 Packers
Ryan Mathews 3-5 45-10 Packers
Solomon Williams 4-2 --
Justin Simon 3-5 24-10 Packers
Kyle Yost 4-4 31-13 Packers
Andrew Keating 6-2 41-13 Packers
Aaron Meckes 6-2 38-13 Packers

Add your prediction in the widget below and be sure to add your score prediction in the comment section. Closest score wins a poorly photoshopped picture from me.

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