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Week 11 NFL Draft order: Lions fall out of top five

With Sunday's win over the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions no longer are in place for a top five draft pick.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions achieved a monumental win on Sunday, putting to bed a drought that lasted nearly 25 years. But as always with the Lions, with the good news comes the bad. After Sunday's victory over the Packers, the Lions fell to the sixth spot in the upcoming NFL Draft. There are now six different teams with just two wins, and the Lions have had the toughest schedule of them all, placing them last among them. Here is the order of the top ten teams, according to Dan Kadar of SB Nation:

1. Cleveland Browns: 2-8 (.514 strength of schedule) 
2. Tennessee Titans: 2-7 (.465 SOS) 
3. Baltimore Ravens: 2-7 (.507 SOS) 
4. San Diego Chargers: 2-7 (.513 SOS) 
5. Dallas Cowboys: 2-7 (.524 SOS) 
6. Detroit Lions: 2-7 (.531 SOS) 
7. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-6 (.440 SOS) 
8. San Francisco 49ers: 3-6 (.532 SOS) 
9. Houston Texans: 3-5 (.493 SOS)
10. New Orleans Saints: 4-6 (.444 SOS).

This begs the question: was the Lions' victory over the Packers in Lambeau worth it? For me, it's a no-brainer. This was a huge monkey off the franchise's back, and the Lions will still obviously get a good draft pick this year. It may not be number one, and it may not even be a top five pick, but it will still likely be a top ten pick, which means good value. What do you think?

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