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Lions-Chiefs PFF Grades: Everything is bad and I'm running out of ways to say it

The Lions are now 1-7 on the season. Here is a closer look at the individual performances from Sunday's game.

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If you're not aware by now, Pro Football Focus is a website that focuses on grading NFL players for their individual performances based on an in-depth review of every snap for every game. If you're interested, here is a look at their grading system.

The title speaks for itself. I'm running out of ways to explain how and why the Detroit Lions are bad. How did this happen? At what point did this team decide to completely give up? It wasn't long ago that, despite folding in the end, the Lions were at least playing competitively against good NFL teams like the Vikings and Broncos. Anyway, I'm here to take a closer look at the individual performances from Sunday's game in London. You decide whether you want to join me or not. I don't blame you either way.


Best Grades

Laken Tomlinson: +3.5

Worst Grades

LaAdrian Waddle: -5.3
Riley Reiff: -3.4
Eric Ebron: -2.4
Matthew Stafford: -2.4
Travis Swanson: -1.8


Tomlinson had by far the best grade offensively. The rest of the offensive line combined for a -11.1 overall grade. That is bad. Very bad.

I would like to take this moment to apologize to Cornelius Lucas. I don't think he'd be doing any better of a job than LaAdrian Waddle right now, but I did not expect Waddle to be just as bad. PFF now has Waddle graded as the second-worst OT in the league with a -26.6 overall grade on the year. Ravens OT James Hurst sits in dead last with a -29.3 grade.

What else is there to say about the offense? I think we've pretty much covered everything in the past. Switching offensive coordinators mid-season changes nothing.


Best Grades

Devin Taylor: +3.4
Darius Slay: +3.3
Darryl Tapp: +1.7
Andre Fluellen: +1.3

Worst Grades

Nevin Lawson: -2.2
Jermelle Cudjo: -2.1
Haloti Ngata: -2.0
Travis Lewis: -1.7
James Ihedigbo: -1.7
Stephen Tulloch: -1.6
Josh Bynes: -1.0


After a semi-rough start to the season, Darius Slay appears to be playing much more disciplined and now has the 18th-highest grade out of 113 qualifying CBs on the season.

Nevin Lawson filled in for Rashean Mathis and was penalized twice against the Chiefs, which played a huge part in earning the highest negative grade on defense.

Devin Taylor had an impressive performance in London, tallying one sack, three total pressures, a batted pass and four tackles. The rest of the D-line, as well as the linebackers, were not as impressive, letting Alex Smith of all people run for 78 yards and a touchdown on five carries.

Special Teams

Best Grades

Sam Martin: +2.0
Ameer Abdullah: +1.5
George Winn: +1.5

Worst Grades

Isa Abdul-Quddus: -2.5


Are we watching the same game here, PFF? What exactly did Abdullah do besides take the ball out of the back of the endzone and force the offense to start drives at their own 15-yard line? The Ameer Abdullah as a return specialist experiment needs to come to an end. Put him back on offense where he's going to be needed in the future. Forget about the fumbles. You have absolutely nothing to lose right now.

I polled Lions fans on Twitter to ask what you all thought of the Detroit Lions this year. Here are the results:

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