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Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders: Staff predictions

Take your best guess at the results for Lions-Raiders and check out what our staff thinks.

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It's amazing what one win will do to a fanbase. After the Detroit Lions' impressive performance in Lambeau, the perception of the team has changed dramatically. Granted, the Oakland Raiders don't seem as good as the Green Bay Packers, but the staff here went from one person picking the Lions last week to eight. Here's a look at all of Pride of Detroit's picks:

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 5-4 30-20 Raiders
Christopher Tomke 2-7 27-21 Lions
Joseph Buszek 2-7 24-21 Lions
Drew Erickson 4-5 22-21 Lions
Chris Lemieux 5-4 31-23 Lions
Alex Reno 4-5 23-21 Raiders
Brian Packey 4-5 27-24 Lions
John Cherette 4-5 21-17 Raiders
Ryan Mathews 3-6 24-17 Raiders
Solomon Williams 4-2 21-17 Lions
Justin Simon 3-6 28-17 Lions
Kyle Yost 4-5 20-17 Raiders
Andrew Keating 6-3 22-17 Lions
Aaron Meckes 6-3 24-23 Raiders

Add your prediction in the widget below and be sure to add your score prediction in the comment section. Closest score wins a poorly photoshopped picture from me.

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