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The PODcast #11: Reader questions, owning the Packers, and #LIONSFOOTBALL

On the weekly podcast for Pride Of Detroit we unveil a new hashtag.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This one's coming out a bit late in the day, so apologies ahead of time. But it's always enjoyable and it's always the PODcast; that stands for Pride Of Detroit podcast for those of y'all new around here. We hang out, we chill, we take questions from the readers. It's basically a little lounge for the writers to come in and talk about the week that was for your Detroit Lions.

This week:

  • We unveil a new proper use of a hashtag #LIONSFOOTBALL.
  • It's Friday, and we're still out here talking about that Packers win because it was marvelous and everything good in football.
  • Holistic remedies for symptoms of prolonged exposure to Lions football.
  • We also discuss the Rod Wood hiring and why it's not that big of a deal, but how everyone has made it such because of what the Lions are and what they have been.
  • A bountiful harvest of reader questions about everything, including another chance to include wrestling when talking about football.

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(Warning! We've decided to get raunchy on the PODcasts. There is foul language here and there, so listener discretion is advised!)

No time breakdown this week due to the late push to get this to the people. It's pretty free-flowing anyway, and reader questions kick in around the 30 minute mark or so.

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