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Week 12 NFL Draft order: Despite win, Lions back in top five

Even though the Lions pulled off their second consecutive win, they actually moved back into the top five in the draft order.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

For those worried that the Detroit Lions victories are hurting their draft stock for next year, worry not. After being slotted at No. 6 last week, the Lions actually moved back into the top five after their win against the Oakland Raiders. Here is the current draft order according to Dan Kadar:

1. Cleveland Browns: 2-8 (.500 strength of schedule)
2. San Diego Chargers: 2-8 (.513 SOS)
3. Tennessee Titans: 2-8 (.519 SOS)
4. Baltimore Ravens: 3-7 (.494 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions: 3-7 (.519 SOS)
6. San Francisco 49ers: 3-7 (.531 SOS)
7. Dallas Cowboys: 3-7 (.544 SOS)
8. Miami Dolphins: 4-6 (.481 SOS - 2-5 in conference)
9. Oakland Raiders: 4-6 (.481 SOS - 4-3 in conference)
10. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-6 (.487 SOS)

The Lions were able to jump back into the top five because their strength of schedule weakened significantly, while the Cowboys (who also won this week) saw their strength of schedule bump up by .020.

However, if the Lions wins continue, their draft placement could change drastically. There are currently four 3-7 teams in the league and eight 4-6 teams. With a Lions win and several of those teams losing, the Lions could drop all the way into the teens next week.

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