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Week 9: Ask our PODcast

The Detroit Lions are on a bye this week, so let's tackle some fun topics on the PODcast.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions lost again. They also didn't make any changes after such an embarrassing loss. Things are gloomy in Lions land. But that doesn't me an we can't have a little fun while talking about the Lions. Since Detroit is on a bye week, send our PODcast some fun questions to tackle. The goofier the better. We'll still tackle some serious topics, but the Lions fanbase could use some levity right now, too. As always, I'll provide you with some sample questions:

  • If you were the Lions' owner, who would you fire and when would you fire them?
  • Which POD staff member is most likely to renounce their Lions fandom?
  • Is it okay to root for a second NFL team when your primary team is out of the running?
Submit your questions below or tweet them at @MalkovichPlan or @PrideOfDetroit. Don't forget to subscribe to the PODcast here, and please give us a review and rating. I will personally give you a shout out on the podcast if you give us a good review, and if it's funny enough, I may even send you a thank-you prize via email.

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