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Martha Ford installs Sheldon White as interim general manager, Allison Maki as interim president

A press conference in just under two minutes revealed the current heads of a new Lions front office.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Martha Ford addressed the Detroit media gathered on Thursday. In the dust cloud surrounding the aftermath of the Lions front office's demolition, she prepared a statement, took no questions, wore no shades and was gone as soon as she appeared. All in all, the press conference (if it was still that) lasted one minute and 58 seconds.

Before that time was gone, Martha Ford, firmly in control of this Lions organization (although speaking for the entire Ford family in her statement), delivered the details from on high: in place of Martin Mayhew, she installed Sheldon White as interim general manager. In place of Tom Lewand was current chief financial officer Allison Maki, acting president.

Martha Ford thanked Lewand and Mayhew for their many years of service to the Detroit Lions, and expressed that the Ford family was "very disappointed" in how the season has unfolded so far for the Lions.

She also expressed her expectations for the team to continue to compete and improve in the 2015 NFL season.

Sheldon White interviewed during the offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles general manager position. Although acting in an interim role, White's position may very well be treated as an eight-week interview for the position as the Lions attempt to restructure the front office (including scouting) and prepare a wide-reaching search for the best front office talent in their rebuilding effort.

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