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Fantasy football: Who would Martha Firestone Ford pick?

It's all we can talk about here at Pride Of Detroit. Look at that WWFD bracelet and then make decisions about your daily fantasy lineup.

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You would think something really important happened Thursday afternoon, and something did: the Detroit Lions made some major changes to their front office, firing both their COO and GM. They did, that they did, but the real story here is not who was let go. No, the story was the lady who made those decisions. Martha Firestone Ford, who, from henceforth, should only be referred to as "Firestone"  because of how bad ass is it sounds, delivered an entirely scripted speech in less than two minutes. She laid down the law, letting it be known by all that the interims in charge of the responsibilities once charged to Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew, those people answer to one person: Firestone.

I'm enamored with Firestone's role with the Lions' organization. From her presence on the mic to her gutsy approach to firing her entire front office during the bye week with another half of a season to go, this lady will most likely be the darling of any Lions' fan who decided that the only answer to the problems plaguing the Lions was a thorough cleaning of house.

So, for this week of fantasy picks, I'll be channeling the energy and essence of the spirit animal of Lions' fanbase, and ask myself the same question for each suggestion: What Would Firestone Do?

And oh yeah, this happened last week.

I own Reno.

Let's get into the picks.

Tyrod Taylor at $7,200

He's cheap, a bargain, whatever you want to call it: Tyrod Taylor back at full strength for the Bills is a great thing. Before suffering an MCL sprain in Week 5, Taylor was one of the top five options at quarterback in fantasy and was a big part of the reason why the Bills started 3-2 and looked to be legitimate contenders for a Wild Card spot. They're also coming off of a bye as the Dolphins' defense is still trying to make sense of what happened last Thursday at New England.

Drew Brees at $8,500

Of any of the options that will cost you a pretty penny of your fantasy funds, go with Brees. I swore I was jumping off of the Brees' bandwagon after he failed me all last year in my family fantasy league, but he threw 7 TDs last week against a Giants' defense that hasn't been great, but hasn't been bad by any stretch either. This week, Brees and the Saints get the Titans, complete with a new head coach, and they get to play in the Super Dome. I like it.

Latavius Murray at $7,000

It hasn't been a secret that the Steelers defense hasn't been what all of us have grown up understanding it to be this year, and when it comes to running backs having success against Pittsburgh this year, there have been plenty of examples to point to. Murray has a good matchup against the Steelers as he comes off of a 113 yard effort on only 20 carries against the Jets a week ago.

Mark Ingram at $7,700

When the Titans come to town against the Saints this week, it could be a one-sided affair. Ingram, who is now in a less-crowded backfield with the season-ending injury of Khiry Robinson, should get plenty of work against one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL.

Antonio Brown at $8,700

Brown has to be relieved to have Roethlisberger under center again. Last week, Brown had 11 targets against the Bengals last week, the most he's had since Week 3 against the Rams when Big Ben suffered his knee injury. The Raiders have an average defense that is much more stout against the run than it is the pass, so look for Brown to be targeted early and often.

Mike Wallace at $5,300

I don't have a good reason for this pick, but it's worth a shot. Shooters have to shoot their shot, it's what we do, and that's how I feel about Mike Wallace this week. If you can't get with me and my picks, you can at least appreciate my honesty.

Greg Olsen at $6,400

I do have a good reason for you selecting Greg Olsen this week and that is to think back a few weeks ago to the performance Antonio Gates had in Week 6: nine catches for 95 yards. Carolina is at home, against a bad Packers' pass-defense, and Olsen is still Cam Newton's favorite target.

Brandon McManus at $5,000

Suck it, Reno.

Denver Broncos at $5,300

If you tuned into last Monday's game with Carolina and Indianapolis, you noticed something: the Colts uninspired play-calling and overall terribleness is resulting in an incredibly inept offense. Carolina has a good defense, but the Broncos have an elite defense. Things aren't getting any easier for Andrew Luck and Co.

I hope I made Lady Firestone proud.

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