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The PODcast #9: What will the future hold for the Detroit Lions now?

The latest from the Pride Of Detroit staff takes a look at the future for the Detroit Lions organization and wonders if there were ways to improve Martha Ford's press conference.

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As many of you might know, the PODcast is generally recorded on Wednesday and released on Thursday. Due to a quirk of illness and general listlessness, we ended up pushing recording back to Thursday. This turned out to be a very wise and good thing to do, for without the aid from our great lady Martha Firestone Ford, we'd have so little to discuss. The PODcast is much better this way now.

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(2:00): Breaking down the press conference. Is Martha Ford just a total gangster? The future of the Detroit Lions, the impact of Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew and why these moves needed to happen. So much more, but we bounced around so much it's hard to list it all.

(26:00): A strange and breathtaking experiment. We decided to look at the Detroit Lions roster and make the grim decisions as to whether the upheavals would mean for certain Lions, if their futures would remain in Detroit or somewhere else.

(41:00): We give Ryan and Alex five minutes, exactly, to discuss the Seth Rollins injury and relinquishing the WWE belt. If you don't know what any of those words mean, we explain.

(47:00): Reader questions! We get ones about Star Wars, Lions offense for the future, the negativity of Detroit media, and our favorite Matthew Stafford comebacks.

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