Something's not right...

Let me be the first to say, the tinfoil hat is firmly placed square on my head with this one. However where there's smoke there may be fire right? I'm starting to convince myself that the Lions are preparing for new ownership and this is based on two key observations:

  • WCF II has all but indemnified himself from Lions-based decisions, going so far as to tell the media that this is his mother's team and not his. While Martha spoke in her brief statement about "family decisions", there has been but a peep from junior. This could be a way to protect him in the event of a sale to a party seeking to move the Lions to Los Angeles, as he could claim the decision wasn't his. Weak I know, but by distancing himself now from what could be a year long audit and transaction, he may be able to save face as chairman of FMC.
  • The recent decision to make Allison Maki COO. She has been with the organization since 2004, knows the ins and outs of the books and was previously responsible before joining the Lions for corporate audits as part of Ernst & Young. Without getting too mired into the minutia of corporate strategy, there's been a trend in business where the responsibility of the Chief Operating Officer has fused with other executive facets of business - e.g. the CFO becomes the COO but not as a standalone COO. It's weird.
  • Martha cleaning house mid-season. Yes it was deserved, but when you look at the 10,000 ft. view, there's no better time to wrap a bow on the Lions than now - The Fords take the hits on their executive departure, Stafford's guaranteed money runs out after this season. Calvin will be a tradeable asset this offseason. Caldwell will be ushered out. They can literally provide a new owner/regime a franchise to be made in their vision.
TL;DR The Lions may be selling because Bill Ford Jr. is getting himself far away from the Lions and they promoted an exec who can assess and streamline the business, wrapping it up in a package for whomever the next owner is to come in with a fresh start.

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