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NFL power rankings, Week 13: Lions climb out of bottom 10

Three weeks ago, the Lions were unanimously the bottom team in the NFL. How times have changed.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It was just three weeks ago that the Detroit Lions were unanimously the worst team in the NFL. But with consecutive wins over the Packers, Raiders and Eagles, the Lions have now pulled themselves out of the bottom 10 teams in the NFL. Here's where Detroit currently ranks:

  • SB Nation: 20th (up four spots)
  • 20th (up seven spot)
  • ESPN: 21st (up three spots)
  • CBS Sports: 21st (up seven spot)
  • FOX Sports: 20th (up three spots)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 21st (up six spots)
  • While the Lions are trending way, way up, the Packers are finally starting to fall in the rankings. Despite losing four of their past five games, though, Green Bay still ranks among the top 10 in each power rankings. They place 10th (SB Nation), sixth (, eighth (ESPN), seventh (CBS Sports), 10th (FOX Sports) and ninth (Yahoo! Sports) in various power rankings.