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The PODcast #14: Hail meh

It's a slow week for the PODcast. But the Lions podcast of the internet keeps rolling on.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're late getting this one out today for various reasons (I FORGOT. I FORGOT I FORGOT I FORGOT) and it's pushing out just now, but you know what they say! Better...actually, wait, that's not the right description I want.

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On this precious PODcast, it's myself, Jeremy Reisman, and Alex Reno. What are we talking about? Glad you asked! We talking about:

  • What happened with Alex on Saturday (hint: it's gross)
  • What happened with Jeremy at a SoCal Buffalo Wild Wings during the Green Bay/Detroit game.
  • The concept of a "breaking point" of the fandom and how fair that narrative really is to fans.
  • Should everything really be reviewable? How would that really change the game of football?
  • The Rams are...curious. We'll investigate what's going on there in St. Louis and preview Sunday's game (Sunday! Back to Sunday football!)
  • Reader questions! We eyeball other coaches and attempt to create the Reisman Trophy.

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