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Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams: Staff picks

Check out our picks for the Detroit Lions vs. St. Louis Rams game. Add your prediction below.

Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Despite the loss suffered on Thursday night, the Pride of Detroit staff has not lost their faith in the Detroit Lions. We unanimously picked the Lions to jump back on the winning side this week. Of course, much of that may have to do with their opponent, the St. Louis Rams, who have lost five straight. Here are our picks:

Record Prediction
Jeremy Reisman 7-5 24-13 Lions
Christopher Tomke 4-8 31-13 Lions
Joseph Buszek 4-8 24-17 Lions
Drew Erickson 6-6 29-17 Lions
Chris Lemieux 8-4 31-22 Lions
Alex Reno 5-7 23-2 Lions
Brian Packey 7-5 21-20 Lions
John Cherette 5-7 31-17 Lions
Ryan Mathews 5-7 35-14 Lions
Solomon Williams 7-2 21-13 Lions
Justin Simon 5-7 20-7 Lions
Kyle Yost 5-7 20-14 Lions
Andrew Keating 7-4 23-21 Lions
Aaron Meckes 7-5 28-12 Lions

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Pride of Detroit ranks a pathetic 30th in the SB Nation prediction rankings. Let's get that ranking back up!