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Lions notes: Darius Slay got nicknames for everyone

Joique Bell's gearing up to challenge Lolo Jones and your new name is probably "Slick Rick."

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
  • File this note under "A little late, but always great." Back on Thursday Joique Bell was hurdling Packers defenders well enough he got Lolo Jones grading his form: A+. Not bad, Bell. The Lions running back subsequently made his move and called her out: a 60 meter hurdle competition for charity. 

    Will it happen? Joique Bell talked with CBS Detroit and signs look promising!

  • It's a curious quirk that in the NFL, you can be fined for a facemask penalty. Obviously, one was called on the Thursday night game against the Green Bay against Devin Taylor. That same facemask penalty set up an untimed down for Green Bay, let's not walk back down that memory. Instead, just know that Devin Taylor isn't going to have to pay for it, regardless of how bogus or un-bogus the events were:

  • What's up, Operator? Slick Rick? Sticky Hands? Chances are if you're pretty cool Darius Slay can cook up a nickname for you, like he has for plenty of his Lions teammates. Do you remember when the NBA experimented with putting nicknames in place of player names on jerseys? Perhaps Slay is preparing for that potential day in the NFL (which I fully endorse; anything to make this game more like the XFL's prophecies).

  • You've probably already captioned the Jim Caldwell NO FLEX ZONE, but you'll also want the accompanying gif, pronounced "jiff" or whatever.

  • Will the Lions keep Stephen Tulloch or part ways? The linebacker hasn't put out the most stellar of performances this year and he's been relegated to a part-time role, where he's done better. Nevertheless, the Lions have to make a decision on his contract. Kyle Meinke breaks down the situation.