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Eric Ebron alleges officiating conspiracy against Lions #StayWoke

You might think the referees have an agenda against the Lions. Your friends might think you're overreacting. But not Eric Ebron.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The officiating this season has been garbage. I'll go ahead and use another word: "basura." Same thing after the translation, but I believe it has more power to the delivery.

One Detroit Lion isn't having any of that. Tight end Eric Ebron believes he and his team were the recipients of some bad cooking from the zebras. Here's what he had to say after the game, courtesy of's Kyle Meinke:

Okay hold up. I can understand if you wanted to talk about the phantom chop block that was called against Theo Riddick, but this feels like a particular odd point to take umbrage with after the game. After all, Travis Swanson botched the snap and sent Matthew Stafford scrambling in the backfield to find whatever he could. Sure, the play had a chance at the end but there was no real way that was going to come as anything of note for a comeback. Right?

Alright, you know what? Fine. Let's cook with it for a moment. You're adamant to the point and we're right where the fans want it: an exclusive, hushed conspiracy to screw over the Lions. What else you got, Ebron?

Wow. The Detroit Lions have been playing for a lot longer than I imagined. Back when they were real lions, even! They had some really good years back then but just couldn't get past Alexander the Great.

Look, I get it. Week in and week out this season, the Detroit Lions have been finding themselves on the receiving end of bad calls. You can extend it back to last season and find it in the playoffs; or if you want to go even further we can talk about the dark cloud that's hung over this team since the first of myriad Calvin Johnson Catches. But the officiating has been suspect across the league this year. It's not just on the Lions. Whatever the reason, whoever you believe on why officiating is bad, no one has been saved from its touch. We're at the point where we ask if Dez Bryant caught that pass as often as we do Megatron.

Beyond that, I don't know what else to say. There's days where the Lions have felt like the NFL's beta software. Just put it out there and test for bugs. File a QA report and send it to the programmers to fix. Flags are picked up. Fumbles are batted out of the endzone. Catches suddenly aren't catches.

As with any good conspiracy theory, the question remains: where's the payoff? In a league that's predicated on so much parity and selling the notion that anyone can win the Lombardi Trophy in any season, where anyone can win on any given Sunday, why is it that the Lions have been singled out for fury and destruction? What's in it for Roger Goodell, if he truly is the real head of this sinister hydra? If this was just cruel cosmic whim we could talk about that -- Bobby Layne's curse might have expired but I don't think anyone bothered to take it out of the fridge -- but to upgrade that to a conscious, thinking conspiracy is curious.

But who am I to rain on this parade? Eric Ebron's got this thought through. We should let him have the last word. One last chance to expand upon his theory.

It's okay. We've all been there, Eric.