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The PODcast #13: Dreams, breakfast, stuffing the Packers

It's like any other Pride Of Detroit article except it's for your ears.

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Hey guys. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Feel free to bicker about it in the comments. We took a lot of food questions and Ryan Mathews wanted to throw that wrench in there because this particular scourge hasn't swept through the PODcast just yet. It's a three-man crew with Ryan, Jerry, and myself this week on the PODcast.

It's hard to think of food too much. After all, I'm still stuffed on eagle-turkey. Delicious. Mark Sanchez has a particular flavor to him, as Ezekiel Ansah found out. Also, Jerry Mallory is a fantastic chef when it comes to making eggs! Who knew? Oh, we talk plenty about football on this PODcast too. There's something for everyone, really.

You know what's also for everyone? Subscribing to and rating our PODcast on iTunes. Let's continue this quest for cyberspace domination of Detroit Lions jibber-jabber.

(1:50): We recap Thanksgiving and the laugher against the Philadelphia Eagles. Also the worst idea imaginable has cropped up because of a couple of demonstrators. What's it like to get tickets to sit in the Family Fun Zone at Ford Field anyway?

(8:00): Some interesting topics in the state of the Lions as it stands. How much cynicism can one pin on the Fords and the rebuilding campaign? If it had been 45-14 Eagles, would Caldwell have been canned on the spot? What is the real value of Caldwell to the organization right now? How much is continuity worth versus the upheaval that the Browns consistently face? What about the rest of the staff? What's really here in the turn around? Let's also talk about the rising star of Ziggy Ansah while we're at it, because he's a beast.

(24:15): Previewing the Green Bay game. How do you even approach it? How confident should we be feeling? How different is it with Stafford and Jim Bob Cooter running the offense? We make fun of Eddie Lacy a lot.

(36:35): Reader questions! There's a few in here asking about food. Actually, a lot about food. Especially breakfast. We're all hungry now. Also, pipe dreams about the rest of the Lions season and daring to dream of the most improbable outcomes.

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