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Week 17 power rankings: The Detroit Lions are officially mediocre

The Detroit Lions find themselves among the middle of the NFL in this week's power rankings.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have finally worked their way back to mediocrity. Their most recent two-game winning streak has apparently convinced experts that the Lions belong among the NFL's purgatory of teams: not so awful, but not among the contenders of the league. Here's where the Lions stand with one game remaining on the schedule:

  • SB Nation: 16th (up two spots)
  • 18th (up three spot)
  • ESPN: 23rd (up three spot)
  • CBS Sports: 20th (up seven spots)
  • FOX Sports: 18th (up one spot)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 22nd (up two spots)
  • To finish off the season, the Lions will face off against another team in NFL Purgatory: the Chicago Bears. The Bears have had an up-and-down season that has landed them with a 6-9 record after 16 weeks. But after losing three of their last four games, Bears stock is falling. Chicago ranks 21st (SB Nation), 21st (, 25th (ESPN), 21st (CBS Sports), 20th (FOX Sports) and 20th (Yahoo! Sports).