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Lions players react to Thursday's wild finish

Once again, Detroit Lions players took to twitter to release some frustration after Thursday's brutal loss.

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

In the NFL world, teams ask that their players remain silent. To stray even a little bit from the very strict "it's-a-tough-loss" "we-need-to-play-better" script, could put the team at risk of the dreaded Distraction. But after a game like Thursday's loss to the Packers, some Lions players couldn't hold it in. They are humans, after all.

  • Eric Ebron spoke a thousand words with just one picture:
  • Darius Slay was brief with his reaction:
  • Devin Taylor, who committed* the facemask penalty on the penultimate play of the game, was understandably numb:
  • James Ihedigbo made his case by screenshotting the rulebook:
  • Darryl Tapp wasn't ready to hear any excuses about the officiating:
  • Joique Bell went with the ever-popular "Detroit vs. Everybody" mantra:
  • TJ Jones chose disbelief as his emotion du jour:
  • Some cruel human being decided it would be a good idea to record super fans Detroit Don and Superfan as the Hail Mary happened. DO NOT WATCH THIS. I REPEAT: DO NOT WATCH THIS.