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Lions notes: No longer running last

Progress! Progress in the run game! Any progress is progress!

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Los Angeles St. Louis Rams, the Lions' next opponent, are a bit of a mess right now. They got drubbed 27-3 by an Arizona Cardinals team that has nothing but contempt for their divisional rivals. Nick Foles -- who the Rams got from the Eagles for Sam Bradford -- threw a meager 146 yards on 15 out of 35 passes, plus an interception. The Rams are looking for a new solution against the Detroit Lions, and that solution's name happens to be Case Keenum.

    Yep. Case Keenum.

  • Everyone's been pounding the drum for a while now about the moribund state of the Lions ground game. It's been dead last in the NFL for ages now, thanks to a Lombardi offense that yielded absolutely nothing in rushing stats and Joique Bell tackled for loss after loss. Well, guess what suckers? The Lions aren't last anymore!

    (This is totally not because Matthew Stafford is running like he's one of these dual-threat Texas quarterbacks and not the awkward rumbling ballast tractor-type of Texas quarterback he is. Actually, it probably is because of that.)

  • Darius Slay has been a beast and, dare we say, a shutdown corner. There's been plenty on his resumé as of late, to the tune of only allowing 35 yards to receivers over the course of the last five games. That's seven yards allowed per game, for those of you at home who don't want to do math right now. That's also really good.

  • Welp. For all you college football fans, here's the Quick Lane Bowl matchup, which will be held at Ford Field on Dec. 28. It's all here just in time for the holidays!