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Week 14 power rankings: No one knows what to do with the Lions

After a heartbreaking loss to the Packers, experts don't know what to think of the Lions.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After holding on to a lead for the entirety of a game, only to lose it on a final, untimed down, it's hard to find equilibrium and know where you stand. Can you look past the carnage of a completed Hail Mary and see hope through bodies of countless secondary corpses? Do we take solace in the first half Lions or use the second half to plug your "Same Old Lions" narrative?

If you're confused about this team, you are not alone. Power rankings tossed the Lions all around after their loss to the Packers. Some actually bounced them up a few spots, others plummeted them down back to the basement of the league. Here's a look at where the Lions stand after 13 weeks.

  • SB Nation: 18th (up two spots)
  • 20th (no change)
  • ESPN: 22nd (down one spot)
  • CBS Sports: 21st (no change))
  • FOX Sports: 25th (down five spots)
  • Yahoo! Sports: 24th (down three spots)
  • While there is disagreement about the Lions' place among the NFL, there is consensus with the Rams: They are bad. They rank 27th (SB Nation), 31st (, 28th (ESPN), 25th (CBS Sports), 27th (FOX Sports), 27th (Yahoo! Sports). The Lions should have a good opportunity to bounce back and win their fifth game of the season this week.