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Lions notes: Should you raise your children to be Lions fans?

Today's Lions notes debates whether a responsible adult raises their children as Lions fans.

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

  • Tommy Beer of The Cauldron wrote an heartfelt piece about the torment of Lions fandom and whether a responsible parent would pass that fandom to their children. Read his internal debate here.
  • On Thursday night, Calvin Johnson was "Wired For Sound." The results are as quiet and reserved as you were thinking. It also conveniently edits out any audio from the Hail Mary, which truly would have been interesting.
  • Matt Prater is having a pretty good season:
  • Joseph Fauria's rocky 2015 season hit another snag on Tuesday, as he was released from the Patriots' practice squad. Fauria has now been released from the Lions, Cardinals and Patriots all this year.
  • NFL Breakdowns analyzed the 4.5 sacks from Ezekiel Ansah in the past two weeks.
  • He'll be back, Dave: